Sunday, 27 October 2013

The Reaping (an excerpt)

With Watchers, Keepers almost done, I thought I'd give everyone a reminder tidbit as to why we love Allie and Jason. :D  You were warned before you entered the site.  This is rated R. I do write erotica, after all...

The night was clear and the moon was full.  The pair admired the sky’s reflection in the river to their left.
“That’s quite the dog.”
Allie stopped and smiled before turning to face the speaker.  “Thanks.  His name’s Jason.”  She could feel the supernatural aura pouring off of him and there was no doubt he was the vampire she was looking for.  “Do you walk down here often?”
The vamp nodded.  “I find the view enthralling.”  His gazed raked her from head to toe and back up again before gold eyes met hers.  She knew he was going to start his mind control bit and got ready to act the part.  Bastards.  They had their own kind of date rape drug.
“You’re quite beautiful.”  He took a few steps forward.
She smiled shyly.  “Thank you.”  She made sure to keep staring into his eyes as though entranced.
“I think we’d fit together very nicely, you and I, don’t you?”
She nodded and wasn’t lying.  They’d fit together just fine.  Her hand ran over her breast and pulled down her corset until both of her nipples peeked over the top.  Jason sat on his haunches and panted at the display.  One second she was standing on a path and the next, she was lying on her back in the grass.
She arched her back as his fangs brushed over her breast and her legs were forced open by his knees.  If there was one thing she liked about vampires was that they didn’t fuck around.  His arm went over her neck and held her down.
Oh, god, yeah.
There was no foreplay.
He pushed into her with one swift stroke and she screamed.  In and out with no signs of letting up, he drove into her.  Her insides, already sore from the pounding Jason had given her earlier, responded by clutching at his dick.
The vamp pushed down harder on her throat, blocking off her air supply.  Allie gagged and groaned.  She spasmed under him.
Just as quickly as it had started it stopped.
Allie opened her eyes and grinned.  It wasn’t like he would have been able to kill her. The only thing that could kill a reaper was another reaper or a watcher.  Of course, nothing was quite as much of a turn on as seeing Jason with his massive jaws around someone’s neck.
“I don’t think Jason appreciates the way you’re handling me,” she laughed.
Her target’s eyes widened as the dog tightened his hold on him.  He wasn’t stupid.  Decapitation was a sure way to die and the Great Dane obviously had the strength in his jaws to make such a fate happen.
“Now.”  Allie wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him deeper.  “Why don’t we try this again?”  She signaled to Jason to let their prey go.  “We came here looking for you.  There’s no need for games or tricks.  We all want the same thing.”
Jason turned into his human self and the vampire gawked.
“Beautiful,” he breathed.
Allie smiled.   “Yes, he is.”
“You’re a witch, then?”
She wrinkled her nose.  “Does it matter?”  She ground her hips against his and Jason settled behind him, his hands reaching between the vamp’s legs to grab his sack.
Gold eyes rolled back in their sockets.  “Not at all.”
Jason pushed down on his shoulders, forcing him deeper into Allie.  Vamp and Reaper both groaned.
Allie reached up and pulled his torso down.  “We’re in charge tonight.”
Jason didn’t wait for a nod before spitting on his two fingers and shoving them up the other man’s ass.  The vampire went completely compliant.
“Now, fuck me hard.”
There was no hesitation.  Allie moaned as her insides were pounded with the speed only a vampire could demonstrate. Every time he’d pull out of her, the vamp would moan as Jason’s fingers stabbed into him.
“I think he likes it, Mikey.” Allie laughed.
Jason gave a nod and withdrew his fingers.  It only took him a second to slip out of his tattered jeans before poising his very hard cock against the other man’s asshole.  He held the vamp in place with firm hands on his hips and started to push into him.
Allie felt the dick inside of her jerk as the vampire urged Jason to get deeper.
“Again,” she commanded.
The man obliged and soon had all three of them groaning and panting with the speed of his thrusts.
Allie grabbed handfuls of grass, her nails digging in the dirt.  His cock pulsed in and out, in and out.  With each motion, her pussy tightened and the friction got unbearable.
“Bite her,” ordered Jason.
The man hesitated.
Allie screamed with pleasure and pain as the vamp’s teeth broke skin just above her nipple and his instincts to suck kicked in.  Every nerve in her body exploded, the feeling moving from her extremities to her breast where the man fucking her was still sucking.  She arched her back, whether to get away from the feeling or to get more of it, she wasn’t sure.
“Aarrgh!” Jason’s cry turned into a howl and that seemed enough to give the vamp what he needed to cum.
Though this wasn’t the first time, it was always strange to Allie how this species would cum, but nothing would come out.
She let out a sigh of relief when his teeth left her breast and his gold eyes met hers.  She smiled.
“You’ve killed others of your kind, Christopher.”
The vampire’s face blanched.
“Had you had a reason better than pleasure, you might have been spared, but as you know, those in charge don’t agree with your tactics.”
Jason pushed him down onto her and she wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing her lips to his.  All she had to do was invite the soul in.  She felt it cross over to her, her body shaking with the energy.  The heat in her flared once again and she arched into the dying man’s groin.  Jason drove his cock into the vamp’s ass, driving him deeper into his lover.  The vampire collapsed onto Allie, lifeless, yet the dance didn’t end.  Back and forth, reaper and familiar pushed the body between them.  Christopher’s soul exploded out of Allie as it headed home to purgatory and both woman and dog screamed with their second release.
Jason pulled the vampire to the side and let him roll down the hill before collapsing on top of Allie.
“Fucking vamps,” he muttered, his tongue washing away the blood from the bite on her breast.  “They always make you bleed.”

Friday, 5 July 2013

Soul Stealer

Ok. I'm back.  What can I say, there's a dirty little girl in me that screams to be let out. lol I'm writing an erotica series called Soul Stealer.  Here's a little something to let you know what it's about. :)  Enjoy!

She remembered how it felt to travel towards it.  She remembered her mother’s labored breaths, the doctor’s voice and how it wavered as he tried not to panic.  She remembered the blood and the pressure.
She remembered it getting brighter and how the closer to it she got, the louder her mother’s screams echoed through the room.  She remembered her father’s encouragements and everyone’s awe as she was placed on her mother’s chest.
That was how they’d described her skin.  So light and free of imperfections it looked like porcelain.  She remembered feeling her mother’s breath on her still wet mop of red hair.  She remembered how it had slowed and weakened until she’d lain on a still breast.
She remembered reaching a tiny hand and placing it over her mother’s heart so she could touch the light she knew was still there.  She remembered how it had passed into her.
She remembered how it had engulfed her and she’d been blinded by it.  She remembered convulsing with the excess energy as her mother’s soul passed through her so it could get to where it belonged.  
Allie sat up in bed, her breathing ragged.  Dreaming of the day she was born was the sign.  Tomorrow, she’d have to search for the next soul she needed to release.  She made her way to the bathroom where she splashed cold water on her face.  The purple towel was soft against her skin as she dried off.  She leaned against the sink and peered at herself in the mirror.  Her porcelain skin was now covered in freckles; one for every soul she’d helped move on.  She used to try and find the newest one, but it was impossible to tell these days.
Jason, her brindle Great Dane stretched and eyed her from the end of the bed.
“I’m coming.”
The dog whined and licked her arm as she got back under the covers.  What would it be this time?  A shifter?  A vampire? She felt the warmth spread between her legs.  A shifter.  She’d give anything for another shifter.  Woman or man, it didn’t matter.  Those beasts had a primal urge that made her cum like no other kind of being out there.
Allie sighed and pushed Jason away as she laid back and let her hand travel between her legs.  Her manicured fingers brushed over the tiny bit of hair she kept trimmed and touched the folds of her lips.  She shivered.  Maybe she’d find him or her sooner than tomorrow.  She’d become very adept at her work.  Of course, she had to be; there weren’t many of her kind around.  Angels and demons roamed the earth freely and in great numbers to collected souls for heaven and earth,  Her job was releasing souls to purgatory.  Granted, there weren’t as many paranormal beings as there were humans, but she was positive that being a Soul Stealer was much more fun than being an angel or demon.
Soul Stealer.  She grinned.  She remembered the look on the tiger shifter’s face as he whispered the words instants before he come inside of her, his dick pulsing along with the clenching of her own orgasm.  His eyes had rolled back into his head and she’d laid him gently back onto his bed as his soul had entered her body, her second orgasm clenching around his still hard shaft.  She’d pushed down, taking all of him in, her walls pulling on him.  As his soul release her and left, she’d collapsed on his still chest, her own heaving.
She wasn’t heartless, by any means, and she always made sure the bodies were clean and presentable before leaving.  It wasn’t necessary to have sex to steal their souls, but it sure made life more interesting.  When she’d been young, all it would take the touch of her hand.  Of course, the rush of energy she got left her restless and antsy.  By the time she was sixteen she’d started to seduce those she was about to reap.
She closed her eyes and moaned as her fingers slipped across her wet pussy.  Fuck.  She wasn’t going to be able to wait until tomorrow.  She settled deeper into her pillows, her hips rising to meet her hand.
She felt a cold wet nose on her shoulder and she smiled.
“Well don’t just sit there and watch, Jason.”
The big dog’s tongue lolled out with his smile before his form blurred and he reappeared as a tall, muscled man.  He stretched his naked form over the blankets and ran a hand through Allie’s long red hair.
“I was having fun watching.”  His light blue eyes caught the slight tilt of her smug smile and moved over her, pushing the comforter out of the way.  “Of course, taking part is always a pleasure.”
Jason pulled her arms over her head, pinning them in place.  Her breast brushed up against him as she arched to accommodate the position.
Allie moaned and spread her legs.  “Fast and hard, Jason.  No fucking around.”  Her entire body melted as his teeth sank into her neck.
“You’re sure you don’t want to take your time?”
She shook her head.  “Hard.  Now.”
Jason reached down and placed the head of his shaft in her opening.  Her walls convulsed with the feel of him sitting there, teasing.  He pushed in with one swift flex of his hips and she gasped as he filled her.
He smiled at her cry and pulled back, driving back into her.  He felt the end of her passage against his cock and he pulled out only to punch back in again.  His one aim was to fill her, bruise her on the inside like she’d asked of him.
Allie groaned as her insides were stretched and pushed to their limits.  She raised her hips up to meet his, skin slapped on skin, and sweat started to pour.
“Christ, you’re tight.”  He could feel her clench around him.
“Jason!”  She glared up at him as he pulled out and her entire body screamed at him.
“Up.”  When she didn’t respond, he grabbed her by the hips, turned her onto her stomach, and pulled her ass up in the air.
“You’re such a…”  Her comment was cut short as his tongue flicked over her swollen lips.  She moaned.
“I’m such a what?” he whispered, his breath hot against her ass.
“Dog.  You’re such a…”  She cried out as pushed two fingers between her ass cheeks with no warning.
“I am a dog.”  He pumped his fingers in and out of her, his other hand holding her weight up to keep her from collapsing as his lips closed around her clit and sucked.
Allie felt her hole loosen, and Jason pulled his fingers out before kneeling behind and wetting his shaft with her pussy juice.
“Still want it hard?”
Allie arched her back against his chest as he licked her ear.
“Hard.”  She spread her legs farther apart, knowing he’d put on his strap on.  She heard the toy start to buzz as it was turned on and she caught her breath as it touched her opening.  The heat of his dick against her ass hole and the cool vibrations of the vibrator against her cunt was almost enough for her to cum.
Jason positioned both of his members where they needed to be and started to push in.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Goodbye! (But not really)

So, I've decided to say goodbye to Meaka.  I know we had a lot of fun while I was her, but for some reason, the she got writer's block from hell.  Since deciding to turn back into Mireille Chester I've gotten more writing done in three days than I did in six months.  I have no idea why.

I'm writing this post so that if you somehow find yourself here because you've read Terra's Wrath and feel you'd like to give my other books a go, you can still find me.  Here where I'll be at. Come say hello!!

Love always,
Meaka (Mireille)


Saturday, 20 April 2013

Drowning in Fire Blog Tour!

Today is my stop on the Drowning in Fire tour!! Arielle was super awesome and gave us an excerpt to read! Oh, and there's a giveaway. :D To enter, all you have to do is let me know in the comments: If you coulf have any mystical powers what would they be and why? There's a Swag pack up for grabs.

Arielle Caldwell was raised in Pensacola, Florida. She grew up writing
poetry and eventually turned to books. She's an avid reader and lover
of all things book related. When she turned 18, she left Pensacola and
joined the Navy. After 4 years of active duty and aquiring a family,
she returned to her hometown to work on the naval base there as a
civilian where she is there currently. Writing has always been a
fascination and hobby of hers. A lover of tattoos and music, dancing
with her kids no matter how silly she looks, and singing until her
voice goes hoarse. She is married, has 2 wonderful little boys, 2
great danes, and a duck as her family. Life is fabulously crazy for
her and she wouldn't want it any other way.

Nerita is tortured and put through more pain than she ever imagined
could happen. Ahlic has captured her and locked her in a room where
there’s no chance of escape on her own. He forces her to watch the
murder of a friend. She strikes a deal to try and save lives but Ahlic
is not the bargaining type.

After escaping, Ahlic forces her to endure a traumatic loss and haunts
her in her dreams. More powers emerge from her, shocking everyone and
leaving them slightly afraid. While on her own, a witch shows her the
future and tells her grave news. A battle rages in her heart; unsure
of how to handle the revelation.

She seeks Ahlic...but not to destroy him. Feelings she can’t control
drive her to insanity and lust. Will Nerita give in and fall for what
she’s been trying so hard to destroy?

   “Cari! Wait for me!” I called out after her as she flew towards the water.
   “Well don’t be so slow! I want to swim!” She turned her head and
was looking into my eyes. The wind was blowing her red hair across her
face. She was so damn sexy. She did a small flip and landed in the
   I took my shirt off and threw it on the sand as I was running. When
I reached the water, I held my breath and went under. I opened my eyes
and looked around for her but couldn’t see where she had gone. From
behind, a pair of petite arms wrapped around my neck and I spun
around; crushing her to me in a kiss. When she pulled away, her hair
was floating around her and glowed from the sun illuminating it. We
swam to the top to get air.
   She wrapped her legs around my waist and I supported us; feet
barely touching the sand beneath me. “I’ve missed you. You shouldn’t
go away for so long,” she smiled and ran a hand down the side of my
   “I’m sorry, Cari. I hate leaving, really, you know that.” I pushed
the wet tangled hair out of her face.
   “I know,” She paused for a moment, “Take me with you next time.”
   I was stunned. “You want to come with me? To Eurona?”
   “Yes. I want to go wherever you are.” A serious, hard line replaced
her smile.
   A lump formed in my throat, “I can’t take you.” I pulled her off
from my hips, set her down, and waded back to shore.
   Hurt and devastation filled her voice. “Why not?! I’m tired of
waiting around here for you and never knowing when or if you’re ever
coming back!”
   “Just drop it, Cari!” I yelled at her. I bent down and grabbed my
shirt quickly off the sand and headed into the forest.
   “No! I will not just drop it!” Anger had now replaced the hurt. Her
voice raised a few octaves and was hard and cold. “Why, Ahlic! Why can
you not take me with you to your home!?”
   I spun on my heels and grabbed her by the side of her arms.
“Because you are too pure! Eurona will corrupt you and strip you of
your purity. I can’t let that happen. I will lose you forever if you
go there. Don’t you understand that!?” I shook her violently.
   “Let go! You’re hurting me, Ahlic!” She was crying.
   I immediately released her. Oh bloody hell. What have I done? I
whispered, “Cari, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you.” I went to
caress her face.
   She slapped my hand away from her. “Get the fuck away from me.” She
glared at me and clenched her fists. “Don’t ever touch me again. We’re
done. I’ve seen you take your anger out on others but never thought
you’d lay a hand on me.” She called her horse, Hauna, and jumped on
her back then looked down at me. “You’re a monster and not even I can
save you. I pray the Goddess soothes your spirit and forgives the sins
you’ve committed but I won’t...I can’t.” Her voice cracked as she held
back her tears. Hauna took off and disappeared through the trees. I
was left there alone.
   With news of my parents’ deaths, I left Amaranth and returned to
Eurona for my coronation. I deadened my heart, blacked out the world.
My first kill out of anger was a chambermaid who had dropped and
broken a vase. I flew across the room and shoved a knife in her belly.
Her eyes went wide and blood spilled from her mouth. She laid on the
floor and shook as her soul departed her body. I stared down into her
empty eyes and for the first time since Cari left, I felt a weight
lift off my chest.
   Months passed and more innocent blood was shed by me. The kingdom
feared me; feared what I had become. I truly became...a
monster.~Ahlic, Chapter 7


Monday, 1 April 2013

Terra's Wrath Blog Tour Kickoff!

EEEEEEEEEEEP!!! WHOOP WHOOP!! IT'S ON!!!!!! Today kicks off the start of the Terra's Wrath blog tour and let me tell you I am super excited! (Cause starting this post screaming wasn't indication enough) :D

So, why am I so excited? Well, because we're looking at 22 days of reviews, interviews, excerpts, and giveaways! Did I mention giveaways? There's going to be 22 of them! Yep. Every blog stop will be giving away either swag, ebooks, or signed paperbacks. Not to mention that all giveaways will be international!  :D Yeah, I know! It's exciting!

So here's a bit of a recap of the book for those who aren't sure what it's about.  It starts off as an end of the world zombie story... and then ends in a completely different way.  Yep. I just saw a review that said the book she started to read ended by being a completely different book and that it was great! Yes, I blushed.  

Do you like zombies? Good.  Do you like magic?  Awesome! Did you notice that Mother Nature is kicking the shit out of us with the weather?  I know, right?

Terra's Wrath is a combination of those three things with a pinch of romance thrown in there for good measure.  

Be sure to check links to the other blogs involved as the month moves along.  Be sure to enter the giveaways! And speaking of giveaways, there's one at the end of this page for a signed paperback and a postcard and bookmark!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!

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A 'Just Cause I haven't Put a Blurb Up in a While' Post

How are  you all doing? (I'm serious, feel free to answer me) :D As is the norm in my life, things have been hectic.  Gymnastics, hockey, bowling, birthday parties, sick kids, disabled kid, new rabbit (make that 6 new rabbits since Bunny ended up being pregnant), helping others with blog tours, planning out the Terra's Wrath blog tour that starts in April, writing and of course, most of this being dealt with by just me because hubby is on the road.  Do I sound like I'm complaining?  Sorry. I'm not.  I was just telling my mom the other day how I absolutely love my life.  Though I'm busy as hell, I can't think of anything that would make my life any better.  Well, maybe a few more animals and a best seller, but you know what I mean.  What I'm getting at, is that I realized I hadn't posted any new Monday Morsels in a while so today I'm going to post a Tuesday Teaser. :D

The room was dark and the smell of rodent feces was overwhelming.  Taylar blinked, trying to get her eyes to adjust more quickly to the darkness around her.  These vamps weren’t newbies.  They’d been smart enough to cover all the windows to block out the sun which meant they’d be awake and aware of the approaching hunters.  She felt Cal behind her, his warm and calming energy a constant reminder she wasn’t alone.  Her senses picked up on a colder energy; a hungry one.  She clicked her tongue twice to let Cal know she was moving before stepping around a musty and moldy couch.  A rat ran over her foot.
Fucking rats.  Why are there always rats?  She ignored her own question and kept moving toward the energy in the other room.  Her fingers tightened on the handle of the large knife in her hand.
A low chuckle filled the silence and Taylar tensed.
“Hunters.”  The woman’s voice was deep, throaty.
“One for each of us.”
Taylar felt, more than saw, the second vampire move past her toward Cal.  Instead of going back to him, she sprang forward toward the first woman who had talked.  Her breath left her body in a huff as the vampire kicked her in the chest.  Behind her, she heard Cal grunt and the second woman hiss.
Razor sharp nails raked over her face and Taylar brought her knee up as she rolled herself backwards, throwing the vampire off of her.  She twisted and pushed off the floor, driving her shoulder into her opponent’s abdomen.
The vampire wrapped her arms around Taylar’s waist and easily lifted her off the ground.  Taylar found herself flying through the air for a fraction of a second before effectively being stopped by a wall.  Her face hit the floor first and she gagged as rat shit touched her lips.
“Baby hunters, by the looks of it,” taunted the vampire as she stalked toward Taylar.  She bared her teeth, her eyes on her prey’s neck.

Yep, that's a Watchers, Keepers blurb. I let it sit and worked on a couple of other things for a while and all of a sudden it was a clear. I knew what was wrong with the story and what I had to do to fix it. :D Yay! I love breakthrough moments.

Anyhow, I'm off to write. Hope you enjoyed the blurb. :D
*hugs* Meaka

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Keldane the Cursed Blog Tour!

Did you ever wish you had the ability to use magic and cast spells to do anything you wanted to? Well, so does Keldane. Unfortunately, just being the son of the most powerful magic user the world has ever known doesn’t come with any guarantees. It’s not without very good cause he’s known to his classmates as Keldane the Cursed.

This book was great. It was a series of short stories that follow each other, all of them about the misadventures of Keldane. Being a less than adequate wizard makes his life hard between the razzing he gets from his father's bat servant, to the teasing he's subjected to at school.  Keldane's curse is our comic relief. Even though I cheered him on during each of his efforts, I couldn't help but laugh every time things went wrong.  The poor guy.  If you like magic and laughter, you'll want to pick this book up.  It will make your day. :)

The boy rose from the stool he’d been sitting on and bowed his back as he stretched. His spine cracked loudly with the relief of stiffness the stretch provided. He thought, for not the first time ever or even the first time today, ‘My father is going to kill me!’
His gaze returned to the pages of the enormous book on the workbench before him. The runes all seemed to flow together in a jumbled mess. With a sigh of frustration, he slammed shut the cover of the grimoire. A plume of dust billowed from the ancient book causing him to sneeze violently and repeatedly.
“It’s no use guys. I can’t find what I need in this stupid book! I’ve been through it over and over and it’s just not here!”
He spoke to the two animals sitting on the table in front of him. The large greenish frog, Desmond, looked at him with a mournful gaze and croaked softly. The ginger cat, Lydia, looked at Keldane with a malevolent gaze, her tail swishing angrily from side to side.
“You guys KNOW transmogrification isn’t my best subject. I’d change you back in a second if I could only remember the bloody spell.”
The frog croaked more loudly and the cat hissed menacingly as if to say nothing was Keldane’s “best subject”. Although he was the son of THE most powerful wizard in history, Keldane was, unfortunately, so inept even his wizarding instructors openly referred to him as Keldane the Cursed.
*While it’s unlikely your father would actually kill you, I doubt he’ll be pleased with this latest in a long series of disappointments.*
The boy glanced up to the rafters at the immense vampire bat hanging there.
“Barnabas, you HAVE to help me!” the boy moaned, “You’ve served our family for over 20 years. There has to have been a problem like this happen before.”
*No, I don’t think any of your siblings quite managed an embarrassment of this caliber. Although I’m not especially hungry, I suppose it’d be easiest to just suck them dry and you can toss the remnants into the rubbish bin. No one need be the wiser.*
Neither the frog nor the cat was privy to the exchange between the boy and his bat, but they WERE both a bit on edge. Thusly, neither was as surprised as one might expect when the bat swooped down to feed.
Before Keldane could intervene, his friends took matters into their own hands, so to speak. Barnabas learned firsthand why they called them “catlike reflexes” as Lydia ignominiously slapped him out of the air. Desmond jumped on to the chest of the dazed bat and held him down while Lydia, daintily, tore his head from his leathery shoulders.
Both animals settled back on to the bench with expressions simply daring Keldane to protest.
“Yes indeed. My father IS going to kill me.” The boy mused as he plopped back down on the stool.

About the author:

Jeffrey Hollar was born in Lima Ohio. Developing a love for reading in his early life, Jeff read anything and everything he could get his hands on.  Graduating from Lima Sr. High in 1980, he joined the army where he found a career in communications. Jeffrey remained in the army for 14 years, traveling the world to places like Germany, Turkey and England.
Jeffrey moved around the United States as well, living in Arizona, Iowa and Missouri before moving back to Lima where he met his wife.   Jeffrey works in the security field during the day and writes by night. He also has a love for cooking and practices his culinary skills on his family. 

Where to find Jeff and his book:

Jeff’s Blog: The Latinum Valult